At Kaizen Gaming, we live by our name. Constantly improving. Every day, we bring a thrilling online gaming experience to millions across the world. A dynamic and stimulating adventure where we move fast, break barriers and redefine GameTech. 

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It’s an opportunity for us to build new things, with the best technology and a team of amazing people. Levelling up the online gaming experience, one win at a time. No matter how big we get and how far we go, we always strive to better our game.

Together, we push each other forward. A diverse team of top talent walking the extra mile. Learning more, always growing, succeeding. The work we do presents infinite possibilities. For our customers, our communities, and you. With us, the journey has no limits! 

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We are Kickstarters, Adventurous, Improvaholics.   
Zealous and Easy-going, but definitely Never-settling. We are Kaizen. Welcome to our world! 

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Our Values
Our Values

We put people first. We stake our personal reputations on the excellence of our work. We are passionate about our products and services. We invest in breakthrough technologies and innovation.  We always listen to our users. And our own people. We respond fast and adapt to change. We continuously improve. Every single day.

Most of all, we work together. No matter what we’re working on, we do it as #OneTeam. 

Responsible Gaming

Not what you expect huh?

Well, we care a lot about our customers and we have been certainly spreading the Responsible Gaming mindset within Kaizen Gaming early on.

We have a dedicated team, the Responsible Gaming team (or RG), who’s always there to listen to our customers’ needs and ensure their well-being and healthy gaming activity.

Responsible Gaming ambassadors are also Kaizeners who belong to our customer service teams and are focused on communicating our RG principles and way of playing.

Here’s how we see Responsible Gaming through our Kaizeners’ eyes!


Responsible Gaming culture


We win because we’re #oneteam! From HR and Marketing to Product, Services and beyond, we’ve been winning awards right across the board.

Giving back. Doing more.

We’re always looking for ways to do more. And to do it better. 
For our business, for our people and for society too.

Through our product brands, as well as through Kaizen Gaming’s initiatives we support various causes within our ESG scope. Our CSR programs, Iroes (Heroes) in Greece and Herois in Portugal have helped over 42,000 children get access to educational activities, while numerous athletes with disabilities have been able to realize their goals.

Kaizeners are also on the forefront of many initiatives, through our volunteering team, GAIMers! 

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