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They are they ones on the lookout for the best talent to join Kaizen Gaming. And they are all ready to meet you, answer your questions and give you the inside scoop of life here.

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Interview tips
What's the interview process
What’s the interview process?
We know, interviews can sometimes feel overwhelming. But we do everything we can to make sure they’re not with us. We can’t wait to meet you, and we want you to be just as excited about getting to know us. So please be yourself. There’s no need for airs and graces.
The first stage
Whether it’s virtual or in real life, our interviews are all designed to be as engaging as possible. We want to give you the best possible opportunity to tell us about your experience, skills and ambitions. And we encourage you to ask us about the role, the culture here and the team too.
Getting personal
If you’re shortlisted for a role, you’ll have a more personal and in-depth discussion with the leadership of the relevant department. We’ll get to know you – and we’ll make sure you have the chance to get to know us too.
Offer time
The finish line! We’ll be in touch to make an offer – and to talk about benefits and start dates. We’ll never leave you hanging. We’ll always let you know.
What to expect along the way

What to expect along the way

We’ll ask you about how your experience fits with the job description, so make sure you’ve read it!
We love questions. So feel free to ask us as many as you need about the role, the team and the culture here.
Our interviews are conversations, not interrogations!
We want to have a meaningful conversation with you about your career journey so far – and to find out where you’d like it to go next.
We’ll ask you about how your experience fits with the job description, so make sure you’ve read it!
FAQ Section
Frequently asked questions
What’s the best way to apply for a job at Kaizen Gaming?
Take a look into our careers site to get a glimpse of culture and life at Kaizen Gaming. Then deep dive into our Apply page to gain valuable info. Press play on potential through searching for the role that is closer to what you’re looking for.
How long does it take for an application to be processed?
We make sure to review applications as soon as possible. The volume is high, so timings differ per case.
What are the typical steps of the recruitment process?
You can check out our recruitment process video here. It’s made to give you a general idea of the steps followed in most cases. Of course, based on the role this can vary. We hope it gives you the bigger picture!
What if I can’t find a role that matches my experience / preferences?
Well, it’s all about timing right? If you’re actively looking for your next career step but can’t find an open role fit for you, make sure to stay tuned on our Social Media (LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook) where we share real-time job openings. Then always come back to our careers site to expand your search. Of course you can always drop your CV here .
What’s it like being part of Kaizen Gaming’s #oneteam?
We’re #oneteam of achievers, improvaholics, easy-going kickstarters. And we build with no limits, shaping the future of GameTech. With us, there will never be a dull day. We collaborate wherever we are and put passion in everything we do. Wanna find out more? Don’t go far! Just take a look into our Life at Kaizen Gaming page here .
How can I better understand what each department does?

You wanna know more about our departments and teams. We get it! In our “Meet our people” section you’ll get to discover who they are, what they do - and so much more.

Will I receive an update on the outcome of my interview?
We definitely wanna be transparent with you across your experience with us. Our #oneteam will make sure you get a heads up on the outcome of your interview.
Are there any tips I could follow to build my CV/resume?
Sure thing! We’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a couple of tips for you to rock that application - check them out here .
Can I apply again if I have been rejected for a specific position?
It’s always great to give it your best and find the role that best suits you. Timing is everything! So, yes you can apply again in the same or different position.